I’ll take your pint and raise you a quart! (second attempt)

In my struggle as a beginning writer I began to feel a little self indulgent. After hours and hours of working on my memoir, I told myself that I needed to give back to the community. I figured one of the best ways to go about this would be to offer up my services to Ms. Capaccoli’s (my Mom’s) third grade class at Hennessy school in Grass Valley. 

Within moments of stepping into the classroom I was teaching a girl 3/4th my size how to do her multiplication tables and division. I think it’s safe to say that most people my age haven’t been in a third grade classroom since, well, third grade. I was amazed at the reading charts, the math guides, both positive and educational which covered the classroom like the celebrity collages found on the bedroom walls of angsty teenagers. There wasn’t a space free that wasn’t carefully curated to likes of third graders. 

All my adult mind could think was: I can’t believe she has handwritten everything and I really need to work on my penmanship! 

My task was to teach these wormy little kids what liquid volume was. Like live bait, the fourth grade teacher from accross the hall asked if I could teach her students as well. With so many budget cuts, public schools are hurting for bodies and the teachers of Hennessy were excited to have a helping pair of hands. There just isn’t enough time for a single teacher to set up interactive lesson plans while trying to keep the attention of 25 to 30 (wiggly little) students. I assumed the fact that I was a cool 20 something would grab the attention of my young pupils but I was soarly mistaken. In third grade students are more concerned about who got to fill the quart jug with the two pints it requires than to listen to me describe the different measurements. 

After a day of standing in the hall with a few fourth grade mishaps, I was ready for the lunch bell. 

*This is my second attempt to write this blog. The original was lost. I apologize it has taken me so long to re-write it but I really loved my first draft and it saddens me that I can’t share it with you all. I guess I really am becoming an artist and writer. 

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